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Championing People

I genuinely love supporting and promoting people, and this contributes to their well-being and promotes a positive workplace culture.

By creating videos for small businesses and charities to highlight their services, I usually have to film their staff members speaking about the organisation. I’ve said before how much I love this part of my job, but it’s the people behind the organisation that make the magic: their dedication, hard work and passion.

In creating profile videos I’ve always told clients never to sell to camera: people buy from people and it’s more interesting and engaging for the viewer to hear about the story behind the business, rather than whether they can get 25% off their latest product, and it’s about making the film authentic and shining a light on the people. I try to make the filming experience as relaxed and as fun as possible, too – a positive experience for all!

I’m always suggesting to clients that they should create video testimonials too – not only is it a great way to promote your business or organisation but, again, it puts the spotlight on you and how you have made your client or customer happy, and it’s their way to say thank you. I encourage clients to do these particularly if they aren’t feeling very motivated or confident in their business, as it can really confirm that you’re doing everything right and gives you a well-being boost! Moreover, if you’re a freelancer, and work alone, you don't have a staff member to say 'well done', so these testimonials do provide that much-needed boost.

Working part time for the charity Cambridge Online for five years, my favourite role was looking after the volunteers and making sure they were ok. I also loved championing them along with staff members, service-users and friends of the charity. I think they got accustomed to me popping my DSLR or phone in front of them for social media. Fortunately, I think my

enthusiasm worked and people were happy to oblige. I would grab every opportunity I could to say thank you to them publicly.

Research suggests that gratitude is related to our positive health so let’s get thanking people. Out with the attitude of management not saying thank you as “it’s your job to do it” – instead, thanking people on a regular basis should be an essential act to improve well-being and reduce stress.

Case studies were also a pleasure to film or write for the charity, as it made clients feel proud of what they had achieved through the charity’s services, and in turn, emotionally rewarded staff members too.

I am aware that employee well-being boosts productivity and performance but I just love it when people feel valued and appreciated when it’s well deserved. Personally, it should be the norm in every workplace. Employees shouldn’t be dreading coming into work; they should feel comfortable, valued and supported.

It extends further than praising people for work: we have a responsibility to check in on people, to gauge how their well-being and mental health is. I’m so passionate about this that I enrolled on Illuminate’s Mental Health First Aid training course and thoroughly enjoyed it. You soon realise that this is an essential role in every workplace.

I imagine this could potentially sound a little self-congratulatory, but I’m all too aware that I’m not perfect and am still learning, and in fact am soon to start enrolling on a course on diversity and inclusion.

I’m definitely a people person, and am very lucky as a freelance video editor and producer, and as a member of the freelance community, that I get to meet and work with different interesting and lovely people all the time.

I’ve been so lucky that I have had the opportunity to showcase so many people through video in the best way by shining a light on their talents and dedication.

Let’s spread positivity, say thank you, reward hard work and give people a boost!

Maybe one day I will be a full-time Workplace Champion!

If you would like me to showcase your business or your employees, please get in touch.

Images: 1) Artist, Natasha Day 2) Sue Hooper from Cambridge Online 3) Me with my MHFA certificate 4) camera by Aram Sabah on UnSplash


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