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Video: shine a light on your charity!

Charities and non-profit organisations should be embracing digital to shout about the fantastic work they do!

There are hundreds of digital apps that can richly benefit charities by making them more efficient, saving time and money and enabling them to connect and form relationships with both their desired audience and other organisations. Many apps can be used to fundraise too! I'm going to highlight a few of the many reasons why charities should embrace video!

What is your charity? Tell your story with a profile video

Video is very powerful: it gives you the chance to open the door and let your audience look inside. Sometimes people may not fully understand how a charity works and what is involved, but this gives you the opportunity to provide a rounded view and increase understanding.

• Why and when did the charity start?

• Who do you help and how?

• What is the charity passionate about?

• What are your aims and beliefs?

• How have your services enriched the lives of your users?

Showcase your work

Show the charity at work – give a feel of what happens every day.

Be yourself and be honest.

Feature your volunteers and staff members and their fantastic work. You could even get them to say a few words.

Case studies are great: see if one of your clients can deliver a testimonial of how the charity has benefitted their lives, telling their story. Narrative is much more engaging than stating facts about the services you provide.

Shout about all of your achievements!

Attract volunteers

A profile video is a really good way to attract volunteers if you provide a rounded view of the charity and show what people can expect from volunteering. Some people may be a bit apprehensive when it comes to volunteering, and a video can really help if they can see what the role involves.


By opening that door you can start engaging with your supporters, users and the wider community. Making the charity more approachable, accessible and building trust.

Statistics show that people are more likely to watch a video than read text, and are more likely to be emotionally engaged.

Share the video on your website and social media platforms and use the video to start conversations.

Ask people what they think about the video and whether they have any questions about your services.

You will raise the charity's profile and that of the issues you are enthusiastic and care about.

Fundraising potential

I'm not promising that making a video will bring in a flood of donations. However, it will help potential donors understand what the charity is about, what important services you provide and how you change lives. The video could also be shown at conferences, networking and fundraising events.

No need to ask directly for donations in your video: your wonderful work, passion and dedication will speak for itself.

Do it yourself!

There is no need today to hire an expensive production company – charities need to save as much money as possible. The production doesn't need to be slick or overly ambitious with fancy effects in order to tell your story. A smartphone has a good enough camera to shoot your video, and you can pick up an inexpensive phone tripod and a microphone online.

By using your smartphone you also have the opportunity to quickly capture special moments and you can be more free and spontaneous. Just make sure you have the permission of the people you film.

There are many free, simple video-editing apps which you can download onto your computer or your phone. Potentially you can do everything on your phone, including uploading your video to social media once it is complete!

Go global Upload to YouTube and you are now on the world's second biggest search engine, and adding that link to your website will boost your SEO and you are more likely to secure a place on Google's front page!

Video is far reaching, and you never know how far and wide it will be shared and viewed.

Once you have created your video, please don't just leave it on your website and ignore it. Ensure you upload it to as many social media platforms as possible and share it frequently. Grow your audience!

Social media channels love great content that people enjoy watching, so you are more likely to appear in news feeds. It isn't as necessary as it used to be to promote your content with paid posts in order to be seen.

More video

You've created a profile video but your journey with video shouldn't stop there. There are so many opportunities where a video can benefit your charity. A few ideas:

• A detailed case study showcasing one of your projects

• A day in the life of one of your staff members or volunteers

• A thank you to funders showing how you have spent their donations

• Short, fun clips of users enjoying your services

• Run a Facebook Live video at one of your events

The more video, the more engagement, and therefore better SEO!

Give it a go!

I work part-time for a charity myself, so I really wanted to share a few tips as I'm passionate about the fantastic work that charitable organisations do and the hard work and commitment involved. I feel charities, and the wonderful people involved, really need to promote themselves – show off and be proud!

So, give it a go – what's the worst that can happen? Experiment, be creative and HAVE FUN!

If you ever want someone else to help, please get in touch:

I will feel very lucky and privileged to help you tell your story.

Three examples of my charity videos, please check out my website for further work:

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