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Why should I create video testimonials?

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A video testimonial is quite simply a customer speaking to camera recommending a service or product, explaining details and their experience.

Which of the following two is the most powerful?

A member of staff talking to camera: "J & J Physiotherapy understands how debilitating back pain can be. After your initial examination our skilled physiotherapists can put together a treatment plan to suit you and enable you to get back to an active life."

A customer talking to camera: "I just struggled every day and was feeling very low, I dreaded getting out of bed in the morning and feeling excruciating back pain the moment I moved. Thank goodness I found J & J Physiotherapy when I did, they were so kind and attentive and Jenny put together a treatment programme which worked wonders. I can’t believe it, I feel like a new person now! I can finally enjoy looking after my grandchildren and walking Stanley, my new dog. Jenny has literally given me my life back."

Why should we use video testimonials in our marketing?

The psychology bit!

Our brains are hardwired to respond to faces, we seek them out and look for social and emotional signs (face pareidolia).

Word-of-mouth is probably the most powerful marketing tool: we trust people that we know. Video testimonials feed into that psychological bias when we are looking to buy a new product or service.

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It provides the opportunity for other people to talk about your product or service – someone who doesn’t work for the business. They can give their honest opinion and personal experience, which builds trust and credibility. When customers are trying to make a decision about a product they will look for someone they can trust.

A video testimonial isn’t fake, it's a real person with a real opinion and not an actor with lines to read. They are willing to put their name and face to your product or service. Authenticity is key.

By sharing a customer’s story, and particularly highlighting their emotion, the viewer can identity with them and this creates a strong connection to gain the biggest impact. Emotions play a huge role in decision making.

Video testimonials done correctly will grow your business and generate leads. Video is great for SEO and video is widely shared.

It is reported that most consumers are more likely to watch and retain information from a video than text – therefore potentially increasing the chances of them choosing to make a purchase.

Tips to create them!

You don’t need to hire a large production company to film a testimonial. A smartphone should be fine, just make sure your customer can be clearly seen and heard. You can always record a video call on an application such as Zoom or Teams if you can’t meet in person.

Image by Good Faces - Unsplash

It’s probably best to approach your customer to ask for a testimonial soon after they’ve used your product or service so the experience is fresh in their mind.

Let them tell their story: why they needed your product or service, why they picked you and the results. Please do not provide a script for them to read, and also encourage them to speak off the top of their head and not from a piece of paper.

Customers may prefer recording their testimonial in private and sending it to you, or they may want you to film them and ask leading questions.

If you are present to film the customer then please make them feel comfortable and relaxed and ask them to talk about their experience, how it made them feel and how it has impacted their life.
It is more powerful to only hear the customer’s voice and not you interviewing them. You don’t want the viewers (potential customers) to feel you are encouraging them to say certain things. You also want to the focus to be on them. If you do have to ask questions then edit your voice out if possible.

It doesn’t matter if your customer isn’t word perfect or stumbles, hesitates and so forth. You haven’t employed an actor. This is why customer testimonials are so powerful, they are real and viewers can relate to them!

Image by Alex Perez - Unsplash

If your customer doesn’t cover everything you wish them to say, or make points in the right order, this doesn't matter either. Anything is better than nothing and by asking them to say certain things it won’t come across as authentic.
When editing, try to keep video testimonials short and engaging. You can also run your logo though the video and pop your contact and social details at the end. If the customers don’t introduce themselves then add their name and job title on the screen.

Please try to caption all of the dialogue, as many people will watch videos on mute.

If you are using a few customers in one testimonial, it is a good idea to show both men and women and from different backgrounds, abilities and cultures if possible. Diversity and inclusivity should be highly considered.

A different idea for a video testimonial is to show the customer experiencing your product or service for the first time in real time! A genuine reaction can be a very powerful selling tool.

If you wanted to add some extra elements to your testimonial to make it more engaging for the viewer you could show the business or product they're recommending and use their voice as narration at points.

For example, when they are talking about how wonderful their physiotherapy was, you could show the physiotherapist at work, greeting clients and doing the treatment (with everybody's permission of course). Try to show your business looking professional but also inviting and relaxed with lots of smiling staff.
Show how the physiotherapy has helped your customer by filming them doing an activity they couldn’t before – like enjoying walking their dog without being in pain.

Leave the video on a positive emotional high!

Image by Ryan Snaadt - Unsplash

Once you’ve created your video, place it on your website and share it widely over social media. You can always tag keywords to the video too to improve your SEO and build traffic.

So give it a go!

Once you get the hang of video testimonials they can be very simple, quick and cost effective to create!
Video testimonials allow you to engage with your potential customers, providing a real positive reaction to your product or service that is authentic, emotional and builds trust. This gains a stronger relationship between the business and the consumers.

If you ever need a helping hand with your videos, either filming, editing or both, please get in touch:

Here are three of the many video testimonials I have helped create:


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