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21 Quick 'No Fuss'​ Video Ideas

We are well aware now how powerful video is: it drives web traffic, increases sales and generates leads as it is widely shared and engaged with. Cisco predicts that in 2022, 82% of all online traffic will be video content.

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So, if you’re not using video for your business, charity or organisation, then why?

Barriers can often include time, money, ideas and even confidence.

A professionally filmed and edited video will always be beneficial for your business, but there are still advantages for short, unedited videos – simply a few words to your smartphone’s camera, then upload: easy!

Viewers don’t always expect highly polished videos for social media nowadays, particularly after the pandemic and a world of Zoom. However, they do enjoy seeing you, connecting and engaging with you and, most importantly, hearing your stories!

Don't feel you have to provide lots of detail in these short form videos. If you wish, you can add a call to action at the end of the video to link the viewer to somewhere else: more details on our website, see my blog if you'd like to find out more, more information in our recent newsletter, feel free to get in contact if you'd like to learn more, you can sign up on my page... and so on.

Try and place your clients at the heart of these videos, be helpful and provide value to encourage engagement. Try to avoid obvious selling of your product or service as it will turn people off.

Please make sure you record in a space where you can be clearly seen and heard.

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You must have seen many people online taking the plunge so let’s join them with short, quick videos to give your business a boost!

Here are 21 quick ideas to get you started. Don’t feel like you have to do them all, just dip into the list and pick the ideas you feel will be the most valuable for you.

1. A quick overview of your company or organisation

Simply that! It’s also great to include a few words about the history of the business, the passion behind it and its values.

2. Staff or volunteer introductions

One video per staff member, just a short video with them introducing themselves and their role. It’s lovely for viewers to see the faces and voices behind the business or organisation, and this creates a connection and builds trust.

3. Case studies

How has your product or service helped someone? Viewers really engage with appealing stories.

Photo by Eye For Ebony on Unsplash

4. Leadership

A chance to talk about what plans and ideas you have for the future, and what is important to your business or organisation.

5. Client testimonials

This is one of the most valuable short form videos to do. Ask one of your clients if they wouldn’t mind giving a testimonial to camera. If you can’t find anyone who wants to film themselves, then read out their written testimonial and reflect on it.

6. Behind the scenes

A building/office tour? (This is particularly good if you are expecting visitors, so they can become familiar with the layout.) A glimpse of the manufacturing or design process? Setting up an event?

Even a lunchtime walk with the office dog...?

We are naturally nosey and enjoy a peek behind the scenes!

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7. Explainer video

How to use your product or what is involved in your service. These videos are really useful for your clients, plus it gives you an opportunity to promote your business. They can also reassure potential clients who have been apprehensive about investing their time and/or money. Sometimes explaining something in a video is quicker, easier and more effective.

8. Q&A

Do you find you get asked the same questions frequently by clients?

When will I receive my product? What happens if I can’t make the appointment? Can I make changes to the finished design? Do you offer refunds? Is your building accessible?

Why not create short videos answering maybe three questions at a time. Again, it gives you an opportunity to talk about your business and shows you have been listening to your clients and you care.

You could even try a live Q&A, such as in Facebook Live where you can answer questions from the chat.

9. Thank you

This simply shows that you are a lovely business or organisation. Taking a minute to show gratitude to a client, supplier, freelancer, partner or staff member for doing something great. Or maybe thanking the attendees after an event or to all your customers after a successful year of trading.

10. Positive experiences and thoughts

If you’ve had a positive day, take a few seconds to share and say why. Who has gone above and beyond? How did you help someone? What target did you smash? Positivity is infectious.

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11. Facts about staff members or volunteers

Shine a light on each member of your team. What skills do they have? Share a little bit of personal information to show their personality (fun facts, like their love of baking – not any important data, obviously).

Each team member is unique and should be celebrated!

12. Give back

Link in with awareness days and share how your business is supporting current issues and perhaps local charities. Clients love to invest in businesses who care.

For example, if your business is sustainable then highlight how important green issues are to you and how you achieve this.

13. Teaser video

Are you launching a new product, event, campaign or service? Let your viewers know that something exciting is coming soon and to watch this space!

14. Statistics of what you’ve achieved

It’s always great to let your followers know how well you are doing and how much you’ve helped your clients. Be grateful and make them feel a part of the celebration too!

15. Review

You could review a service, app or product that relates to your business – a chance to link it to your own business and expertise. Your opinion matters and you are helping potential customers as well as hopefully (if it’s a good review) helping another business owner

16. Good and bad

It sounds a bit odd but sometimes to build trust it’s good to admit when you’ve got things wrong and how you can learn and improve. Show your viewers that you want to do the best job you can.

17. Unboxing

Are you expecting something new to be delivered? A new book? Some branded merchandise? A new piece of kit for the business? A magazine or brochure you've designed? It’s fun to share the excitement of opening your parcel with your audience.

18. Giveaway or contest

Announce a competition or fundraising campaign, followed later by more video updates and then a final video to announce the result.

Photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash

19. Postitive culture

What happens in your workplace? How is everyone motivated? How does the team keep happy? How do you work well together?

You can even highlight the company’s table football championship or see what is popular in the biscuit tin! It’s a fun way to show a positive workplace.

If you are a freelancer who works alone then share your daily routine and what keeps you happy and motivated – listening to music, Zoom calls with clients, networking, taking the dog for a walk at lunch and so on.

20. Going live!

Once you get used to speaking to camera, you can even take the plunge and go live!

According to Adweek, Facebook Live videos receive three times more engagement than a video that isn’t live.

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21. Fun

Everyone enjoys fun videos – take a moment to show your silly side!

These are just a few, out of thousands of ideas...

As I always say, just have fun experimenting – you don't have to be perfect!

Keep an eye on your social media analytics and see what videos gain the most engagement. The more of these short videos you create, the more you’ll get used to it and enjoy it!

If you are camera shy, have a read of my last blog here: Appear In A Video? Noooo!


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