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Think video, but don't think sales!

I’ve blogged before about the power of video and how it is an incredibly valuable tool for sales. I’ve also touched upon how most internet traffic is now video related and how more people are likely to watch a video than read text content on a website.

However, I strongly believe that when you use video for your business the last thing you should be thinking about is actually selling!

Marketing is evolving and now we have to deliver to a more switched on, interactive and emotionally wise audience who are pretty fed up about being told what they need and about being sold to.

Your customers want to feel as if they are in control and not to be made to feel as though they are inadequate - and so traditional marketing methods are declining.

Here are a few tips about how video can work really well for your business, without using it purely to create a commercial.

1. Let your customers know about YOU.

Take that step in front of the camera and let them know about why you started your business, your (dare I say it) journey, why you love what you do, what you do to make your business work each day, and how you love working with your clients. If you have employees, get them involved too. Perhaps even share some of the difficulties - we are all human after all. You prospective customers instantly know who they are going to be working with or buying from. This instantly builds a relationship and creates trust.

2. Give away your expertise and advice for FREE!

"Are you crazy?" I hear you cry! Well, no - this is what has been proven to work. Get in front of the camera and demonstrate your skills, tips and advice - even how to do exactly what you do! This again builds trust and the customer is more likely to buy into you. Give things away - the most successful people do this! As well as showing off your knowledge, it shows you care and are committed, rather than just interested in taking their money.

3. Tell a story.

The viewer is more likely to connect with a video if there is a beginning, middle and end. They are also more likely to keep watching! Perhaps show your product or service in the context of an average person’s day and demonstrate how they can benefit from it. They are then more likely to become emotionally involved and comment and share the video on social media too.

4. Get to know your audience.

Interact with your customers, chat to them on social media, reply back to their comments. Observe how they’ve reacted to your videos. Their feedback is obviously crucial to let you know how you’re running your business, but will also help you create ideas for your next video too.

5. Get emotional!

I don’t mean sharing sob stories - audiences are far too wise and will know when they’re being emotionally manipulated. However, be aware that we are are all humans and we tap into emotions and shared experiences. Sometimes it’s just about focusing less on your product and more on your mission and your passion. If video is done well, your customers can be fully connected emotionally.

6. Use video testimonials.

Consumers are now very clever and will naturally check feedback and recommendations before buying into a product, event or service. Ask your clients if they mind jumping in front of the camera for a few seconds just to say how your business has had a positive impact on them. Again, it’s more powerful to see the actual person rather than read their testimonial in text form.

7. Let video speak for itself.

Sometimes simplicity is best! Show someone loving using your product or service, show people interacting and enjoying your event, show yourself designing your product. Videos don’t need to be long and complicated - sometimes just a few seconds of video can be the most eye-catching and effective, and go viral.

8. Mix it up!

Attempt new things with video: tell different stories and try out new styles and topics, be funny, entertaining, creative, or even controversial - this could really widen your audience.

You don't have to be a professional film maker to use video effectively. Smartphones do a pretty good job, and marketing experts predict that 2017 will see a rise in people using video apps and video emails, and websites using video as their homepage. Facebook Live is also becoming more popular, having that immediate connection with your customer.

Once you’ve created your video, shout about it and share it on social media. There’s no point making a video if people don't know it exists. Make sure you share it with me too!

If you’d rather have some help creating your video, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to have a chat with you!

Here are three of the many videos I've created for

small business, organisations and charities.

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