Video can boost your Christmas sales!

This is the time of year when people start thinking about Christmas presents. How can you boost your Christmas sales and get a big slice of that festive footfall?

Video can help enormously, and here are a few reasons why...

Do you own a shop? Video allows the viewer to step into your shop and see all the wonderful things inside – so open your door and let them in! On these dark autumnal days, customers are less likely to pop out and have a browse around the shops. You may also have a shop that’s a bit tucked away and not on the main high street. Give them a reason to visit by showing off your fab products!

Demonstrate what your products do! A photo can't do this. Do you own a toy shop and sell fantastic remote controlled cars? Show them in action!

Do you make the gifts you sell? Jewellery, paintings, Christmas cards, cakes, ceramics, clothes? Show yourself at work, showcase your skills and your production process. Customers love to see the creativity and passion you put into your work, and it proves that your products are handmade and not mass manufactured.

Do you provide beauty treatments? Show off your art – your video could be someone having their nails decorated spectacularly for Christmas!

There are obviously certain products and services that are difficult to show if they take a period of time to show the benefits, such as weight loss products, or perhaps if you’re a masseur and treating someone for a sports injury, a beauty therapist treating a skin condition, or if you're teaching someone a musical instrument? Video could be taken in stages and then edited together, but if you’re in a rush for Christmas you could use video testimonials of happy clients. I'm sure satisfied customers would be happy to say a few words to camera if your products have changed their lives. Maybe a freebie could encourage those that are a bit shy? ;-)

Customer video testimonials are great for all types of businesses. It’s proven that potential customers are more likely to choose you if they’ve seen

positive testimonials and feedback about your business and products.

I would also encourage you to get in front of the camera yourself. Customers like to see the person behind the business and hear your enthusiasm and passion about your products and what you do. It engages the viewer and builds a relationship and trust as you are being very open.

If you do get in front of the camera, please be yourself and be honest and try not to give a huge sales pitch as it might turn viewers off! You can display your products well without the big sell.

A video before Christmas can also highlight any offers or discount items you have – another reason to attract smart shoppers.

Once you have your video, make sure you promote it well. It has the potential of reaching thousands of people. This can be done by sharing it on your website and social media channels. It's proven that more people are likely to watch a video than read pages of text on the web. If people enjoy the video then they’ll like and share it.

If you don't have any social media accounts then get on board – if you own a business it's essential for marketing nowadays. If you don't know where to start then ask a local social media company that can show you the basics or even manage your accounts for you.

Make sure you tag your video with keywords and link everything back to your website. You can even promote your video for a small amount of money so you can target customers of a particular age, with specific interests, and those that are local to you.

A short 20-second video to display how your product works, or a three-minute professional profile video. It doesn't matter – the more video content you have linked to your business, the better. It's great for SEO (search engine optimisation) and Google now places video content towards the top of its searches.

Don't be afraid – making videos can be fun!

Jump on board and see how video can benefit your business this Christmas!

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